What is the importance of selecting Domain Name during Domain Registration?

The importance of selecting a proper Domain Name for your Website is immense. However, before deciding a Domain Name for domain provider in kolkata, you should know about Domain Name in details.

Domain Name types and definition:

A Domain Name consists of a sequence of numbers or letters which is separated by periods which acts as a pointer to an IP address which is unique to a particular computer. When a computer is connected to the network like the Internet, an IP address is very much necessary. A cheapest domain registration in kolkata will have an extension also which consists of two to three characters. The characters attached to the Domain Name will signify the country with which the address of the Website is associated. It can also signify the organisation with which the address is associated.

The working principle of a Domain Name:

Domain Name System or the DNS governs the operation of the domain booking company in kolkata. The DNS is essentially an address book for the internet. The DNS directs the visitors to a particular Website. This is done by transferring the Domain Name to a related IP address which helped to locate the source of the resource.

Different types of Domain Name explained: 

It is not needed to remember all types of Domain Names. What you need to understand is the difference between the second level of a domain and the third level of domain name registration in kolkata and also third Domain.

Top Level Domain or TLD: The Top Level Domain is the highest level of Domain in the DNS structure on the Internet. Several types of TLD’s are there. Following are discussed in brief:

Country Code Top Level Domains or ccTLD:

 This is essentially a two-letter Domain which signifies the geographical location. Though, in normal case this can be obtained by the residents of a particular country. However, at present a few countries allow the parties from outside countries to register the website names. You need to choose a proper ccTLD during Domain Registration

Generic Top Level Domain or gTLD:

This type of generic TLD can be registered anywhere and there is no restriction. For domain registration company in kolkata with gTLD, the popular extensions are .com,.org,.net, etc.: Recently a few restrictions have been implemented for getting gTLDs.

The Internationalised country code Top Level Domains or IDN ccTLD:

These types of Domains are top-level names having a special type of encoded format. This allows getting displayed in special characters not related to Latin Character set.

Second level Domains:

 Below the top level Domains comes the second level of Domains.

The Third level Domain:

 This comes below the second level Domain Name in the DNS hierarchy.

Sub Domain:

 In the DNS hierarchy, it is part of the higher type of Domain Name. Though sub Domain Name is offered by some services for Domain Registration in Kolkata, this is not very good for registering Businesses. It will be always better for a Domain Registration with an own name.

It is always better to have a detailed understanding of the various type of Domain Name structure and to understand the difference between the various type of Domain Names in the Domain hierarchy. Once you have understood the details, it will be very easy for you to choose the correct and suitable Domain Name for your Domain Registration India.

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