Learn The Salient Features Of A Domain Registration

The importance of choosing a good Domain Name need not be over emphasized. If you have already entered in the process of Domain Registration, you know it very well that choosing a Domain Name takes lot of understanding about the business of Domain Name and Domain Registration. A wisely selected Domain Name can increase the chances of prosperity of your business but it is not the Domain Name only, the choice of Domain Registration is also absolutely critical factor to determine the success of your business. If you are not clear about the various options of Domain Registration available in the market and cannot differentiate a good domain booking company in Kolkata with that of a bad one, it may be highly possible that you will be tricked into selecting a totally scam Registrar for your Domain Registration that will seriously affect progress of your business. So it is suggested that you develop a fair idea about different aspects of Domain Registration before really going for it.

Role of a Domain Registrar:

It is not easy to become a genuine domain provider in Kolkata. A Domain Registrar needs to be authorised by the apex body ICANN, before it is permitted to enter into the business of Domain Registration. The ICANN makes it mandatory for the Domain Registrar to follow the agreement set by RAA. The Registrar Accreditation Agreement set by RAA defines clearly the responsibilities to be borne by Domain Registrar. Some of the responsibilities as defined in the agreement are WHOIS data maintenance, timely submission of the relevant data to the Registry, complying with the norms for public enquiry, WHOIS enquiry, etc. These enquiries make it certain that the data of the Registrant are escrowed. RAA has stipulated guideline for the Registration period conclusion also. If the Registrar fails to comply with the guidelines, the license of the Registrar is likely to be cancelled.

Have adequate control of the DNS setting:

While selecting the domain registration company in kolkata for your Domain Registration, it is very desirable that you should seek full control of the DNS settings of your Domain. The settings will consist of records of host name, mail exchangers and the details of the name servers. Normally many registrars do not like to part with all information and setting related to your domain name registration in kolkata and the customer service agent of the Registrar is given the charge of controlling these settings.

The dependence on the customer service agent of the Domain Registrar means that you won’t have the full information about different activities taking place in your Domain and you are not in full control of your Domain. This situation is highly undesirable and therefore it is suggested that you should get full control of your Domain. This will facilitate steering your business the way you want and not dancing to the tune of the Registrar. Before going to domain name registration company in Kolkata for your Domain, make these points very clear to the Registrar and check the options in detail.

Beware of Unfair Registration practices:

Some Domain Registrars are using crooked way of minting money from the naive customers. They may transfer your Domain to another party without your knowledge and you may find that your domain is not operating after few days of Domain Registration. The best way to counter these fraudulent activities is to register your Domain Name as ‘Private Registration’ so that only your actual Domain Registrar can access your data for contact details.

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