What you need to do to protect your Domain Registration from hijackers?

After you have successfully completed your Domain Registration, you should not remain complacent with the security of your Domain Name. The hijacking of Domain Name means an act of misusing a Domain Name or stealing a Domain name from the rightful user of the Domain name who has made the cheapest domain registration in kolkata. This security risk is many times overlooked by many organisations when they go for making the Business continuity plan or the time they develop the security plan. The Domain Name holders may not know about various measures that can be taken during Domain Registration to protect their Domain Names successfully.

How the hijacking of the Domain Name may take place:

 It may so happen that you are doing the business as an e-merchant and doing a good Business online. You find a lot of visitors in your Website in the morning but in the afternoon you may find none of them. All of a sudden your visitors might disappear. After making an investigation, you may discover that someone might have impersonated the administrative contact of the company and subsequently, your Domain Name has been transferred to a different domain booking company in kolkata. You may notice that the DNS has been changed. Thus, the visitors will no longer be taken to your original Website and instead, they will be taken to a hoax website.

In another different case, you may find that the email service which you have provided to various users is no longer working. It is possible that your Domain Name has been transferred to another domain provider in kolkata without giving you any notice or without taking your consent. Your DNS has been configured in a different way and also your email is available on some another mail server. It may be possible to restore your domain registration but you will have to undergo the harassment involved in it.

It needs to be understood that the hijacking of the Domain Name is basically due to the flaws associated with the domain name registration in kolkata process, and also it is due to the failure of the transfer policy and of course due to poor administration of the Domain Registrars, Domain Resellers as well as the Registrants. You may find a few tips here to make your domain Name more secure.

You should make the protection of your Domain Name as part of the security policy:

The Domain Name should be considered as an asset of your Business and therefore during domain registration India all possible measures to be taken in the security policy to safeguard your Domain Name. You should also make an urgent restoration of Domain Name policy and also develop a DNS configuration strategy as a part of your Business continuity planning.

The Domain Registration records and the accurate contact information should be kept carefully:

 It is very important that you have accurate contact information for you. It is difficult for a Registrar to keep track of the changes you might have made with your contact details. Therefore, you must keep updated and accurate contact information for you and your Registrar.

The information with the Domain Registrar should be locked:

The domain registration, as well as the DNS configuration, should be locked with the domain registration company in Kolkata and in that case, it will not be changed until and unless you unlock the name. Many attacks on the Domain Name can be effectively blocked by this technique.

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