What Problems Are Faced in Domain Registration Regarding IP Issues Over Domain Names?

A Domain Registration can become successful only when the choice of the Domain Name is relevant to the Business Decision. The Domain Registration will enable the internet users to find the site of the company on the Web. The choice of the Top Level Domain or the TLDs for domain registration India is very critical to the success of the Website. The choice may vary from the generic TLDs like .com, .org or .net, etc or the choice can be made from the specialised or the restricted top-level domains. The specialized TLDs are like .aero for air travel site or .biz or business, etc. Then there is ccTLD or country code Top Level Domain which has a list for specific country.

The governance of the Domain Names and the Domain extensions:

Before Domain Registration, you should be absolutely clear about the authority and management aspect of the Domain Names. The ICANN looks after the technical management of the Domain Names. However, in the case of gTLDs, the domain name registration in kolkata is handled by a number of Registrars who has been duly accredited by ICANN. Whether a Domain Name has already been registered can be checked in the WHOIS data of ICANN. You may also search this information at the site of the Registrar. For Domain Registration in the ccTLDs, it is needed that you should contact the Domain Registration authority who has been designated for each ccTLD. During the choice of the Domain Name for the Company, you have the choice of choosing either a generic name of a common name. However, in case you choose a name which is distinctive, it will be easier for the users to remember the name. The users can search that Domain much more easily than other Domain resulting in more traffic to your site.

The protection of Domain Name issue:

A distinctive Domain Name selected for Domain Registration in kolkata can be protected under the trademark law. You should always try to select one Domain Name which is not protected by Trademark. If you happen to pick up one very common Domain Name, it will be difficult to get noticed easily and at the same time, the chosen Domain Name should not have the protection of the trademark. Choosing a Domain Name which is a trademark for another person will be considered as trademark infringement. This is also called ‘cybersquatting’. In such case, your Domain Name might have to be transferred or it may have to be cancelled or you may have to pay the damage. There is a dispute resolution procedure for all domain provider in kolkata made in the gTLDs like the .com which allow the trademark owner or the service mark owner to stop such cybersquatting. You can find out from various databases available online regarding the availability of a Domain Name without trademark or whether the chosen Domain Name is a registered trademark.

What to do when your trademark or the service mark is used as a Domain Name by somebody else:

If you notice that someone else is using your trademark or the service mark as a domain registration company in kolkata and is unscrupulously confusing the users, you can take the simple online route where an independent expert will be able to decide if the Disputed Domain Name should be refunded to you. The UDRP which was first recommended by WIPO had been accepted by ICANN and adopted also.

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