How To Get Started With Your Domain Reseller Business?

Due to rapid growth for demand of web services, opting for the career of domain reseller really prove to be a sound proposition of business. As more and more number of users are looking forward to build their online identity, this business has proved to be one of the most lucrative businesses in the internet industry at present.

Steps To Start Domain Reseller Account

It is true that selling of domains and web services is now a piece of cake. All it requires to select the reseller plan along with signing-up for a reseller account in order to get going. Below are a few steps required to start your own domain registration India account:

Reseller Plan

After you are determined in starting your domain registration in Kolkata business, you need to choose a proper reseller sketch for your business. There are several domain reseller plans from where you need to select the one that will suit your business necessities and budget. It is good to sign for a basic plan in case you are a start-up.

If you already are a holder of an established business, then you may opt for higher plans that offer better profits along with benefits. All you need to do is plan a strategy and find one that works best with the same.

Registering As A Reseller

After being determined to start with your business, you need to find a reliable domain registering company in Kolkata account where you can register your name. After providing the details of your business you need to click the “submit” button.

After successful submission of details, you will be provided with a CRN id generated for your reseller account.

Activating Your Reseller Account

After successful registration, you need to recharge your cyber wallet with an amount as per the plan selected by you. You may start with Platinum, Golden or Silver plan by recharging your wallet as desired.

After successful recharging of the cyber wallet, your account will be activated at an instant and you may proceed with the task of booking domains through domain booking company in Kolkata.

Configuring Your Instastore

As a domain provider in Kolkata, you need to sell interface for selling your services. InstaStore is considered to be a white-label reseller boundary that permits you to locate your own logo inside it. You may also choose from hundreds of free templates suiting the theme of your business.

You may select the services that need to be sold, set prices and decide total amount of profit to be made on sales. There are numerous tools available for genuine resellers. You may also go through the guide to get an exposure regarding installation steps in detail.

Promoting The Reseller Business

After successful setting-up of your domain reseller account and started the activity of selling domains, you can actively promote your domain name registration in Kolkata business to generate more number of leads and prospects.

You need to ensure that your website is optimized for search engines to generate superior organic traffic and leads. Along with using online marketing tools, you may also utilize social media as a part of marketing strategy.

Though it may seem to be a bit challenging at the beginning, things will become easier with the flow of time. One needs to focus on providing excellent services and aim for great customer experience.

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