Common Problems Faced By A Web Hosting Reseller

It has been aptly remarked by experts that it is possible to earn a handsome amount of money by taking the profession of a ecommerce web hosting along with selling website services. But along with money, there come a lot of issues which cannot be stomached by everyone. People holding an allied business that deals with website designing and coding find it a bit easier to sell hosting services due to technical knowledge.

There are some common problems which need to be faced by a web hosting reseller on a regular basis. Though, most of them are well equipped in tackling such issues, some newbie resellers may be quite overwhelmed by it.

Delayed Payments

In order to maintain a healthy flow of cash, a reseller must ensure that the payment gets collected from his client on time. In case clients fail to pay, he needs to suffer the shortfall and pay from his own pocket. Payment collection is a major reason due to which web hosts outsource their business development to resellers.

If a reseller gives credit to his customers, he needs to bear one thing is that he too requires meeting of payment deadlines. If the linux web hosting providers continues bearing the payment of a client and bills him after a huge interval, he may face difficulty in terms of recovering the money. Also, he may be unfortunate to lose some bargaining power as the services had been already delivered.

Highly Strict Web Host Payment Policies

Even if client payments get delayed, windows web hosting company usually hold strict payment policies. According to those policies, reseller partners need to make payments on time. It implies the fact that in case the payment is not made is time, either the account will be suspended or a hefty penalty will be levied on the reseller.

On the basis of relationship with the web hosting providers, the hosting reseller may provide some credit services to the reseller, which will depend on the volume of business as well as company policies.

Abuse Of Services

Many a times, the account of the end user get suspended due to some activities that violate the policies of the principal web host. Due to spam complaints, hacking attempts or even malware attack web hosts go towards tremendous lengths to ensure that their servers remain secures.

Whenever a customer account is suspended, the web hosting company is considered to be the first one to be contacted for support. As he hardly holds any real control over server administration, he may get into a sticky situation between a policy driven web host and a valuable customer. In such situations, the interpersonal skills of the reseller need to be put to test.

Cut-Throat Competition

Competition is extremely high in the arena of web hosting services. It leads small as well as medium sized businesses to get drowned between tough giants of the industry. Due to such an intense competition, hosting business tries to outdo others through innovative methods. Though there is no law governing the business of a web hosting reseller; online reviews, online poll websites and customer satisfaction websites help in keeping web hosts in check.

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