Get to Know the Way How Web Hosting Works

With the help of a great idea about domain name and e-commerce web hosting in Kolkata plan, it is possible to create a website which can be accessed all around the world.  Before moving ahead towards designing of a home page, it is advised to pick the best hosting plan for shared and dedicated.

Most of the websites take into usage shared web hosting, which is well known for providing limited server access against an affordable price tag. While in case of large websites and budgets, dedicated hosting plan includes additional features along with customizable options.

Hosting Plans along with Domain Names


Before putting a web hosting plan to work, it is mandatory to register a domain name. There are some Linux web hosting company in Kolkata that offers both types of services as a bundle, but you may purchase those parts separately as well.

If you shop around, you may find a better price along with an uncommon top-level domain. If you purchase a domain separately, you need to set a name of servers on the website of the domain registrar to point to the address provided by your web host. As these steps vary from one site to another, it is better to check the help page for specific directions.

Working off a Shared Web Hosting


Shared Web Hosting India places your website on the same server. Such a setup makes shared hosting affordable but hardly gives you any control over the server hardware and software. Shared hosting plans offer perks that include unrestricted bandwidth along with shore up for numerous domain names.

CPU time is the major limitation to shared hosting. Each and every person who wants to get connected to your website uses some processing power of the server. If too many people get connected at the same time, the websites on the server slow down.  It is advised to use too much CPU time.

Dedicated Hosting along with VPS


Dedicated servers help in avoiding CPU restrictions on shared servers along with allowing you to install custom software. At the same time, they often cost far more and include restrictions on drive space and bandwidth. Whether you are purchasing hosting for a personal site, small Web Hosting Services in Kolkata or a blog; you can safely start out with shared hosting.

In case your website becomes too much popular or you need to alter the configuration of your server, you must talk to your web host to move up to a dedicated server so that there remains no requirement to rebuild the entire site for some other host. Some Linux web hosting providers in Kolkata vend virtual private server hosting. VPS web hosting does not provide additional CPU resources, but still, you can install the required software on to the server and modify its settings.

Running on Your Own Host


Setting up of a site from scratch requires a significant amount of experience in web design and coding. CMS like WordPress, MediaWiki, and Drupal provide a backbone for your website so that you can easily focus on content creation.

Hosting your own website from home may sound like an easy way to save money, but requires far more technical experience. It is better to ensure the same with your ISP before trying to run a server.

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