The Concept Of Cloud Computing In A Web Hosting Business

You might have heard many times the term ‘cloud computing’. Have you really understood what this term really signifies? Many people are fascinated to hear this term and start thinking about that the term signifies something unworldly and ethereal. They tend to believe that the data is stored really in the cloud far above the earth and it can be retrieved as per wish as quickly as possible. Also, people start thinking that there is a competition of booking a location in the overhead cloud by the unlimited web hosting company in Kolkata and once you get registered in these cloud computing services, it will extremely helpful for your business.

While it is true that cloud computing technology is breakthrough technology and it assures very smooth operation of Web sites, the term cloud here is misleading. In fact, it is absolutely wrong to think that the data is stored in the cloud above the earth. That is not the case. Everything is happening on this earth, but the concept of doing it is innovative. Once you go through this article the concept will be much clear to you.

The term ‘Cloud Computing’ explained:

Cloud computing has been used as a metaphor. In reality, it signifies the use of clustered computers which has been organized in such a way that the computing power becomes unlimited and acts like a utility for you which you may not realize how this unlimited flow is generating. In Cloud computing e-commerce web hosting in Kolkata, you are at liberty to use your resources without any restriction just like you draw electricity from the grid and then you have to pay for the amount consumed. The clustered computers when combined together function like a very big computer and it is followed by installation of a virtual computer on the top of the clusters. The term ‘cloud’ can signify various things from a business perspective.

IaaS or Infrastructure as a Service:

This service can be effectively offered by a Linux web hosting company in Kolkata who is owning a series or cluster of servers, the hardware and can suitably provide the access to a virtual machine or virtual drives or any type of day to day computing requirements, and this is done from the huge resources available in the larger pool.

PaaS or Platform as a Service:

The windows web hosting company in Kolkata are particularly using this service. The concept of use of clustered servers either by owning or using it from other infrastructure services providing this service. The hosting companies run the operating system required and the web servers they are planning to use on top of this virtual machine. They can then provide this service to their clients as per their need.

SaaS or Software as a Service:

This a completely different approach provided to the customers. Here an application built by someone can be used by hosting it on a suitable platform which the originator of the software may or may not own. Subscription-based applications for The Web like Google DropBox, or Google Apps are the example of these type of service. Web Hosting company in Kolkata use this service very often

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