What Basic Features and Additional Features a Web Hosting Plan should have?

The way to load a Website on the internet and make it accessible to the users all over the world can be done by a Web Hosting company very effectively. The selection of a Web Hosting company in Kolkata should be proper as a Hosting company should offer various features which a person should be aware of. Unless a proper service is chosen, you may miss out certain essential features which are absolutely necessary for the better performance of a Hosting company. Here in the following paragraphs, a brief discussion is made about the features that a Web Hosting plan should have.

The storage space:

The disk space or the storage space is the fundamental feature that a Web Hosting Company should offer. The huge amount of storage space is required to store different types of files which can be a text file, images or videos or even audios, etc. A good linux web hosting company in Kolkata should be able to provide sufficient amount of storage capacity and it should offer different amount of storage capacities which a user may choose as per his needs, which may range from a small Website to a large company Website.

The provision of proper bandwidth:

The amount of data which a Website can send in a particular period of time is known as bandwidth. If the bandwidth is more, the speed of loading of the Website will be more. If the bandwidth is low, it will take too much time to load a Website. There are some hosting companies in Kolkata who can offer unlimited bandwidth whereas there are other providers who can offer bandwidth as per the need of the customer. If a Website has a huge amount of data with a lot of videos and images, a greater amount of bandwidth along with the greater amount of storage will be required to make the Website running smoothly.

Uptime of the hosting server:

The uptime of a server provided by the Web Hosting Company will be a great deciding factor for the success of a Website online. Any uptime less than 99.5% will be considered as bad as it will be a huge disastrous for an online Business to keep their Website down for a certain amount of time. Too much downtime of a Website will make the users unhappy and will make them turn away from that Website to another which is having a very good track record of uptime. Therefore, you should review about the uptime of the Web Hosting provider’s server before deciding in favour of the Hosting service.

The types of programming services that will be provided:

There are Hosting services which can also provide programming languages which includes HTML, ASP, PHP, etc. The MySQL database and the PHP languages are the most popular ones. Web pages can be created by using such languages and the web hosting providers in Kolkata can also provide help for making the Web pages.

The level of customer service:

While selecting a Web Hosting service, it is highly essential to check the level of customer service being provided by the company. There are various types of customer support systems like the email, phone, chat service, etc and these type of support is essential to keep in touch with the customer service department. Moreover, an unlimited web hosting company in Kolkata having their own customer support department can provide lot of confidence in the minds of the customers.

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