The Significance of Web Hosting Manager in the Web Hosting Service

While starting a business of Web Hosting in Kolkata, it is important for you to know a few terms and also meaning for these terms. Unless you know the significance of the terminology being used, it will be difficult for you to understand the functioning of a business and also to make a correct choice for your business. One such important term is Web Host manager or WHM. Let us first define what WHM is and further we will try to explain the significance of WHM in your Web Hosting business.

What is meant by WHM?

WHM is the abbreviation of Web Host Manager. This is a very powerful program which gives access to the back end of the cPanel. While a Reseller account is provided with the basic WHM, the Dedicated, and the VPS web hosting services in Kolkata get the facility to use root WHM which is also popularly known as rWHM. The Dedicated and the VPS Web Hosting services have features which require root access to its servers.

The purpose of getting WHM inWeb Hosting:

There are several reasons why you should get a WHM in your Web Hosting Plan. A few reasons are worth discussing to make the points clear.

1. For monitoring and managing a few research intensive sites or a few popular sites, the WHM comes with a lot more flexibility and control for you. Apart from facilitating you with the ability to sell the Hosting services to your clients, it also gives you a good option of creating and managing various cPanel.

2. With the services of WHM, your site is safer than ever before. If any of your sites is hacked, or say get attacked, the chances of hackers attacking the other site of yours are very low. This increases the security aspect of your Website dramatically.

3. It is not possible to identify if other accounts located on different cPanels are linked to the same account having WHM. Thus your privacy is very well protected.

4. There are many linux web hosting company in Kolkata which normally accept Credit Cards. Here WHM can help you a lot and can save you lot of time and you can be relieved of stress and expenditure to a large extent.

5. A Web Hosting plan with the help of WHM can adjust and monitor the disk space and the bandwidth which is very important for a successful web hosting providers in Kolkata. The problem of Bandwidth overage can be largely overcome in this type of Web Hosting business and also the costs can be dramatically reduced as you can adjust the bandwidth when there is a genuine need for it and also can upgrade as per your wish.

6. The WHM facilitates configuration of the customers’ support request through the use of cPanel. Also, it gives the permission which is necessary to check the information of the server and also the status of the server.

7. WHM helps the Web Hosting Company the ability to create the default web pages. Whenever a new account is created by you, you can open a Web page which is a unique facility for the hosting companies in Kolkata. Also, the clients can change the name of the Domains and also the usernames whenever required. The WHM facilitates the Web Hosting companies to delete, create and suspend cPanel accounts as when required.

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