Importance Of Cookies For Website Designing And How Does This Cookies Works

Web designing is one of the best possible things that are just controlling the web and the best way you can control one such application is you have some good website design company to work with. Now as we see internet has also involved us in social media which helps us to connect with our close mates. Eventually if you see carefully you will find people who stay online for all the time. Things like facebook and whatsapp have done this easier for us. Now if you miss your friends you can chat with them and that is why the websites are getting so much attention. Now for that happy living we need that website to run properly and that means those websites need web designing and proper maintenance I mean some real good guys. And the best thing about web designing is it can be converged in to different dimensions as well as a lot of things can change the whole style of website design. Trust and loyalty plays a big part in every web designing success and if you want that same happens for your page you have to be very cautious about few things and let people think about what they feel and how they approach your web site.

How does this cookie works?

  • A cookie is a little amount of data sent from a website and stored in a user web browser whiles the user browsing the website. So while designing website you have to pay attention that your website could able to create cookie. Every time the user loads the website the browser sent the cookie back to the server to notify the website.
  • Code for creating cookies:

Cookie1 php



<input type =”submit” name=”go” value= “go”>





Header(location cookie php)





  • You will add 3 varieties of cookies on your web site planning. cookie, continuous cookie, secure cookie.
  • You can also use authentication cookie for your website designing. It is most common method used by web server to know whether the user logged in or not and which account they are logged in under.
  • The advantage of using cookie in website designing is cookie can store password and form a user has previously enter such as credit card number. when a user access a website with a cookie function for the first time a cookie is sent from the server to the browser and stored with the browser in local computer.
  • Advantage of victimization secure cookie in web site designing its enable its security option. Guaranteeing that the cookie is often encrypted whereas sending from consumer to server.
  • See nobody can trust associate degree unknown page once it involves the matter of sharing personal information’s. For that you simply have to be compelled to build the texture the user that he or she is in sensible hands and ne’er progressing to be betrayed. Finally creating an honest name all it takes. If you have got an honest name folks can believe you and your product however you have got to make the trust in different words you have got to earn it. therefore victimization secure cookie is that the best choice for this case.

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