Coding Technique For Designig E-Commerce Websites

E-commerce website is basically an online store. While designing it we need to maintain high level of security as we are transacting money, buying and selling goods through it, so the coding should be done in object oriented programming language. Here are the tips for coding an e-commerce website-

  • First in ecommerce website development the webpage can be made using .net, PHP, visual basics etc.
  • After that the coding part comes around. We can easily do the coding using any procedural or OOPS language but for e-commerce website we will use OOPS.
  • Now there are various type of OOPS available which are meticulously used by the web design company. Example – java, C++ etc.
  • For e-commerce web pages It is better to use PHP cause PHP provides much more security option than java, C++.
  • Using java web design services we can easily make a class abstract or static as per your need. If we make a class abstract then you can able to see the definition but won’t be able to see the methods inside the class. If we make a class static or a data static we don’t need to create object of it.
  • Basically all the programming is done by a website making company using some class and you have to call their objects in main class.
  • For an e-commerce website a log in part is also very much necessary and it is a long programming. After the programming we have to connect it with data base also cause we have store user information.
  • You can divide your coding part to different programmers of a responsive web design company and if you don’t want to show your codes then you can keep your code private using OOPS access modifier.
  • As we are also transacting money through this website so we also need to have bulk sms gateway registration to keep up to date the customer about their payment. Bank will give them notification but you also have send the customer verification sms about payment received.
  • You also need to keep up to date your customer about product current location and when it will arrive that’s why bulk SMS gateway is a must have.
  • For sending verification SMS, receiving orders different type of coding is need and for that we need to use different classes and if one class is dependent on another class we can make them parent and child class using interface and inheritance. Child class can access all the logic and data part of parent class.
  • While coding if you need an information through out the programming then make that class public and static. Then you wont need to create its object every time you can easily access them using dot operator in everywhere.

So this is the coding part apart from this for a website a domain name registration is a must have so also do that very carefully.
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