Acquire Your Own Domain Name Through Domain Registration

Introduction: Domain Registration And The Registration Process

Process of acquiring a domain name from the registrar of the domain names is called domain registration.

Domain name registries, those who maintain domain registration information, contract with the domain registrars for providing domain registration services to the public. A designated registrar is chosen by the end user to provide the registration service. Domain name registration database is maintained by the designated registrar so only he has the permission to modify or erase information about the domain names. A user can transfer the domain names, if he wishes to, but under specific domain name transfer policies. Both annual fees and admin fees are charged by the most domain registrars and also new companies, if they do not have existing customer base, might have to face barriers to entry in domain registration industry.

There are domain resellers also who purchase domain name directly from the domain provider and sell to the customers at a higher price. So, an end-user can directly register with the registrar or can do it through domain resellers. An official domain registration period is 10 years, however, some registrars offer for 100 years also. But in this, one has to renew the registration and also this cannot be an official database for domain registration.

How To Choose The Best Domain Registrar

There are many domain registering company in this market, so there are many factors to consider before selecting a domain name registrar. A registrar must have accreditation and must indicate their terms and conditions in the domain registration agreement. A good registrar will make the process easier for the customer rather than making them do unnecessary hoops. Many domain registrars offer simple two-step registration process, first, domain name, client wants to register. Second, payment mode – to make the payment easy. Most domain Registration India allow online payment through credit or debit cards. Length of the period for domain registration must be checked.

Many registrars offer a discounted rate for longer duration of domain registration. But one has to keep in mind that most registrars do not refund the registration fee, so go for a longer contract after knowing all the aspects of the registrar. However, the more cost-effective and simpler option to register domain with the web hosts, if they offer such service. If a domain registrar and web host are different, then both fees are needed to be paid separately that will cost more as web host will charge an extra fee for domain transfer. So to save time and money best is to find domain booking company that offers both domain registration as well as the web hosting.

It is important to properly check the registration policies, like billing, terms and conditions related to domain registration, carefully before hand because once agreed, a person enters into the legal binding contract, that he cannot deny later on that means he accepts all the terms, conditions and guidelines of the cheapest domain registration.

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