A Brief Discussion Regarding Different Types Of Web Hosting Services

The overwhelming growth of web hosting Technologies has inundated the market with different options of web hosting. When you will approach a web hosting providers for getting a web hosting plan for your on line business, you may be briefed by the marketer about several plans and lot of lists indicating the faculties being provided by each plan and so on. You may get confused. Instead, it is advisable that you should first choose your need and then you should integrate your need with different options available.

It will be always helpful if you do your homework and approach web hosting in Kolkata as an informed and qualified customer. In this case, you will be respected by the supplier also and it will be easier for you to bargain the best deal. in an effort to make things simple for you, different types of web hosting services are being discussed in the following paragraphs.

Major Web Hosting Options:

The list of the major options can be listed as follows:

1. Shared Hosting
2. Dedicated Hosting
3. Virtual Private Server Hosting
4. Scalable cloud based VPS Hosting
5. Managed Hosting
6. Speciality Hosting

Each plan may be tried to be discussed in brief to make you familiar with the basic features..

Shared Web Hosting:

As the name implies, in this several customers have the right to share the same web hosting server. All the websites and data are stored in the same computer. This form of web hosting is very popular, particularly for SSIs and also the cheapest form. However the negative aspect is that the Websites sharing the same bandwidth and server gets slow and it is difficult to manage high traffic here.

Dedicated Server Web Hosting:

The Dedicated web hosting services plan is a very good option for people who want to ensure that their websites runs very smoothly and loads very fast even at high rate of traffic and at peak load. Though the cost in this case will be high it will be worthwhile to bear the cost if your website is very important to receive high traffic continuously.

Virtual Private Server Hosting:

VPS sits in between Shared and Dedicated web hosting India plan. It acts like a dedicated server, but in reality there is no physical server, there is a virtual server. The bandwidth is very high and very much suitable for custom applications.

Scalable Cloud Based Vps Hosting:

The cloud here means a series of computers which share their resources in case of requirement. During huge traffic load and at peak rush time, the shortage of memory or disk space is rarely felt in this type of ecommerce web hosting. The huge resources available will be very suitable for hosting extremely busy sites.

Managed Hosting:

A managed hosting plan takes the responsibility of the server administration technically and relieves you of any operational and maintenance issue of the dedicated servers.

Speciality Hosting:

While the above mentioned wordpress web hosting plans will cover almost all needs of hosting related issues, there are sometimes requirement for speciality hosting plans which provide specific features for hosting. These may be when a Web Hosting with a particular language is required, or a typical framework is required,. However normally it is required to look for a speciality Web Hosting plan and most of your required might well be covered by the above mentioned plans.

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