What are the different OS for the Web Hosting Services?

The operating system has always been the most important piece of software on any computer system. Without the Operating system, no operation in the computer is possible. It is the software programme which provides an interface between various software programmes which includes both the utilities and the user applications with the underlying hardware. Operating systems along with their drivers provide the abstraction layer between the software and the hardware. This allows the same application to run easily in different varieties of hardware. All computers, as well as smart phones, gadgets, media devices as well as embedded hardware systems, have operating systems. It is the heart of the digital operation. In similar fashion, an ecommerce web hosting in Kolkata has got an operating system to function properly.

Whether the server of the Web Hosting service will have same operating system of PC:


 In most of the cases, it is not necessary to have the same operating system of your computer as well of the Web Hosting server. This is due to several reasons for it. It will not be needed for the customers of Web Hosting service to run the software on their Website locally. Also, the Website applications which are very common like the Drupal, Word Press, or the Joomla, etc are the cross-platform type. The interaction with which is made with the account of the windows web hosting company in Kolkata will be mainly through the browser of the control panel. Any such interaction which is not based on a browser will be done through the platform agnostic tool like the SSH and the FTP.

There are of course certain exceptions to this rule. But these rules normally do not involve the majority of the hosting companies in Kolkata. When a Web Hosting server is needed to run on Windows OS, it is generally because of the reason that certain advantage can be gained for a particular enterprise application or for a particular Business. This will need additional Window-specific software on a local computer. When you want to make some development for a new application, you may like to use that operating system

If you need to run Windows Server, it is probably because you are running it to take advantage of some specific business or enterprise application. This may involve additional software which is Windows-specific to run on your local computer. If you are trying to develop a new application, you may like to use the same OS on your local machine for development. This is the test and the production servers. When you use certain application in Linux web hosting company in Kolkata like the Drupal or the WordPress, etc, you do not need to do this. These applications are independent of platform and even when you are developing new plugins and new themes, these applications may run on a local machine.

The Operating Systems for Web Hosting:


The Web Hosting services can use a large number of operating systems. Various operating systems are available in the market, however many of these systems may not be found commonly for the web hosting services in Kolkata. When you choose a Shred Web Hosting service, you may be limited with your choice of the operating system; however, in case of Dedicated Web Hosting service you are at liberty to choose any operating system that you like.

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