Types of Bulk SMS and Benefits of Using Bulk SMS

bulk sms service

Bulk SMS messaging service is used by enterprises and businesses to create consciousness related to the services or products that have been newly launched or any other updates. A large number of existing clients and prospective customers can be reached easily with the help of Bulk SMS service instantly and at all geographical locations. A good Bulk SMS company in India like Web Samadhan can offer excellent types of Bulk SMS services that can be very cheap as well as quite effective.

Types of Bulk SMS:

There are two types of Bulk SMS messages and these are Promotional SMS and Transactional SMS and each of these SMS types is meant for a specific purpose.

  • Promotional SMS: It is used for sending promotions and offers to the new prospective customers and the existing customers also. The customers can be easily updated about the new offers that are in the store and all the latest information can be passed to the customers in just a matter of minutes. The non-critical SMS can be sent easily to a large number of customers in promotional SMS and the messages will be delivered to NON-DND registered members only.
  • Transactional SMS: It can be used to communicate with the clients for sending different SMS updates as well as alerts. Transactional routes are also used for sending OTPs as well as alerts to the registered users and these types of SMS can be of high-speed delivery.

Benefits of Bulk SMS:

There can be wonderful benefits of adopting the service of Bulk SMS and few important benefits are listed here:

  • It can reach target customers easily: Once you have collected the database of your customers, it can be very easy to reach your target customers instantly with the help of Bulk SMS. Bulk SMS can be very helpful in retaining the customers as well as in generating new customers.
  • Read rate of Bulk SMS is very high: Sending messages through emails may not be that effective always as many emails are not read by the recipients. Hover, the read rate of Bulk SMS is always very high and the success rate of advertising with Bulk SMS can be very effective.
  • Branding can be easier: The use of Bulk SMS can be very effective to promote your brand name and the face of the brand can be created very prominent to the customers. When you work with the best Bulk SMS provider in India, you can even customize your messages that can further help you gain your penetration in the market.