Why You Must Prefer Going With Co-Branded Domain Reseller Accounts?

With the help of co-branded domain reseller accounts, you may easily offer web hosting services to your valuable customers. As numerous companies exist for the purpose of providing such services, you will hardly have any trouble in terms of finding the most suitable one for meeting your own needs.

Working Of Co-Branded Domain Reseller Accounts

The way co-branded domain registration in Kolkata work, it will persuade providers to offer you the choice of having your own domain names. In return, you may offer web hosting services to your customers through your own services and associated software.

Companies that proffer co-branded services related to web hosting have exploded up in recent years. But some of the companies that are in function have recently entered the co-branded web hosting field. Those services may vary widely! Hence, it is better to look through their packages carefully to see which domain name registration in kolkata will serve your requirements in the best possible manner.

Offering Of Extensive Technical Support

There are some co-branded web hosting services that offer wide-ranging technological support to their customers while other do not offer any sort of technical support. The ways through which these web hosting services make money also tend to differ greatly from one company to another.

One of the most common arrangements through which domain registration company in Kolkata make money is simply by charging a percentage out of every banner ad that is hosted on website. Some will even charge you a certain percentage out of every upgraded subscription after a predetermined number of account signups.

Provision Of Control Panel By Domain Reseller

Sometimes, company partners are offered web space that is free from any sort of banners so that they can easily host their domain names. In such arrangements, websites are created in an automatic manner with the help of web host software. A domain provider in Kolkata usually provides a control panel wherein they can easily manage the various aspects of client account.

The control panel provides centralized location where it will be easy to correspond with customers via email. It has also enabled to edit, create, suspend and delete the accounts of customers with due ease. Some co-branded web hosting services also offer email services free of cost.

Selecting A Company Properly

In case this particular feature seems important to you, you must select a company that provides domain registration India services. Some other companies go beyond these basic services by simply offering a free partnership arrangement. It will enable easy enhancing of the income off the provided banner space along with various upgrade options on offer.

If you want, you may easily opt to own the whole banner space. Some other organizations will offer free services in case you sign up for more than one service. Due to intense competition in this particular field at present, domain booking company in kolkata are scrambling to provide maximum number of services at lowest cost. Hence, you need to take time to select the best domain reseller and company for own.

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