The important roles which a Web Hosting Service Provider play for the functioning of your Website

A Web Hosting provider operates by renting a suitable Web Server space for your Website. When you build a Website, you need to load the connected files and data in a hard disk. It is not the normal hard Disk which is provided in your home computer. There is expected to be huge data in your files which will need a lot of space in the hard disk. The Web Hosting in Kolkata is to provide the space required for hosting the Website along with it’s all files and data and to enable the Website to connect to the internet through a high-speed internet line without any interruption continuously. The amount of Disk space that will be allotted to you will depend on the amount of Disk space purchased by you.

Types of Web Hosting Services:

  There are various types of web hosting services in Kolkata available. Some Hosting service provides for Shared Web Hosting only where the server space is allotted to various customers depending on their need. Though the speed of this Websites is bit slow, these are highly suitable for small scale industries or for a start up Business or for a blogging site or it may be even suitable for a Website which has been opened for some fun activities only. These type of Web Hosting facilities are very cheap in nature and is highly preferred in the market. One can easily start his Business with a minimum investment by choosing a Shared Web Hosting and later on as the Business is expanding, can opt for further up gradation.

There may be other Web Hosting Services like Virtual Private Server Web Hosting or the Dedicated Server Web Hosting. Both the services are similar and offer you a dedicated Web Hosting facility. However, in the case of Virtual Private Server Web Hosting, the server is in a remote location and acts as a virtual server by pulling the resources of several high-performance computers. Both these type of Web Hosting Service are very costly. However, the speed of these types of Servers are very high and if the Websites which you will be launching are meant for linux web hosting company in Kolkata operation and if you expect that your Website will be attracting a lot of traffic, it is recommended that you should choose a Dedicated Web Hosting Server for hosting your Website.

Choosing a right Web Hosting Service provider is often a tricky aspect:

This is because of the massive propaganda which many times are launched by the linux web hosting providers in Kolkata  confuse a customer easily, particularly if he happens to be new in this line. The Hosting providers do not even hesitate to mislead customers with seemingly lucrative offers and can entice them to register their Web sites with them. The naive customers feel the impact of the wrong choice afterward for which he had to incur a high cost.

It is therefore very imperative for a person to get updated about what he should look for while seeking a service of an unlimited web hosting company in Kolkata. Making the decision correctly will save him time and money and it will also be highly beneficial for his Website. The things which a customer should look for are the stability of the servers provided, the amount of Disk space to be selected, the security of the Web Site being launched, the internet connectivity and the bandwidth issue, the file transfer protocols, the free emails, etc.

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