Similarities And Dissimilarities Between A Normal Web Design And An E-Commerce Website Design

Here we are going to discuss the basic similarities and dissimilarities among a normal website and an e-commerce website, for that first we have to know what is a normal website and what is an e-commerce website.

A normal website:

Website is actually a collection of related web pages served in a single domain. Website is accessed via internet. A website design can be of any type an educational website or an official website or whatever it may be. Basically it’s a collection of web pages available in internet from where people can get enough information about your company and organization. If you want to give reminder to your clients you can easily do it by updating this information in your official site.

E-commerce website:

E-commerce website is also known as online store. Full form of e-commerce is Electronics – commerce. It is actually buying or selling goods or services through internet. When you are opening an E-commerce website your website should have the online banking property. Basically in e-commerce website people can buy goods by transacting money online. Now days people are also very much busy they also prefer online shopping so it is becoming very popular among people. so I would suggest to create your own e-commerce website to start-up a new business with the support of a website design company and if you already have a business you can also open an online shopping option for your customer so that your customer get more comfortable with your store.

Similarities of a normal website designing and e-commerce website

  • In both case you have to register your website name first after that you have to register your domain name and then have to choose a hosting plan. These are the basic steps you have to follow for designing any kind of website.
  • In both case it is better to choose .com domain.

Dissimilarities between normal website and e-commerce website

  • A normal website can be of many type it can be an official website or educational website etc. but an e-commerce website should be a marketing related website.
  • The basic difference in designing part between them is for e-commerce website we have to maintain much more security than a normal website. Cause we are buying or selling goods and transaction money so a high level security is needed, for that it is better to use object oriented programming language for e-commerce website. To design a normal website we can use any kind of procedural programming language. But for e-commerce oops it’s the best platform cause we get so many access modifier their like private, public, protected. OOPs provide high level of security.
  • In designing of e-commerce website there should be different login part for buyer and seller. The coding part is very long so you can divide the programming part between some website design services if a programmer don’t want to disclose their programming to another programmer they can easily do it using different access modifier. So the best way to design an e-commerce website is using java or c++.
  • Apart from coding you also have to manage you data for that the better choice is robust database. Where as for a normal webpage you can use simple html coding.

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