Making A Choice Of Commercial Web Host Reseller

While deciding a commercial web host, few factors are to be analyzed as hosting service is an important part of a website.

Authenticity And The Alacrity Of Access

The web host must be reliable and fast. It should also gage its up time. Minimum up time must be at least 99%, but if it is 99.5%, it really works good. The web hosting company must compensate if it fails this limit. Although it is not feasible every time to get this guarantee, the host must ensure that his server is always running.


The term “Unlimited bandwidth” is a very confusing term in the web hosting India world, although every host advertises it. The hosts pay for the bandwidth that the end user consumes. So, if an end user consumes a lot, suddenly he receives an exorbitant bill. To avoid this complication, the end user should look into details of how much traffic the package allows. Moreover, when bandwidth is provided, one should always check. He should not sit idle depending upon the promise offered by the host

Disk Capacity

For the same reason as bandwidth, also be wary for those “unlimited disk space” schemes. Many new require less than twenty MB of web space, so even if one is catered with web hosting providers that provokes him with hundred GB (or “unlimited space”), be receptive that he is unlikely to use that space.

Technical Assistance

Does its technical support available twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, all year around? Such linux web hosting company is not accepted who does not have staff working on weekends or public holidays. Check them out by emailing at midnight and on Saturday nights, or Sunday mornings, etc. Check out the time of their reply. Besides speed of responses, judge if they are technically worthwhile. One should not sign up with a host that is maintained by a crowd of sales persons who only know how to peddle and not resolve problems.


If one plans on selling any goods or web hosting services through his website, he may want to see if the web host lets him set up SSL – a shielded server. Setting this up normally attracts additional charges or a higher priced package. At this juncture, the most important object to accomplish is to validate if they are available at all before one commits to the host.

Control Panel

One should not sign up with  email hosting companies where he has to go through their technical support each time he wants to change a password or add/delete a mail account. Such assignments are routine maintenance grinds that every webmaster execute time and time again and it would be a significant pester if one has to wait for their technical support to make the changes for him.

Email, Pop3, Mail Forwarding

Every site owner wants to have email addresses at his own domain. Does the linux web hosting company allow him to set up whatever email addresses he wants on his domain, so that mail can be forwarded to his customary email domicile, or implanted into a mail drop on his web hosting account itself? Can he set an email address to cardinally feedback to the operator with a coeval intimation or can it be retrieved? Quarries to be resolved very carefully and efficiently, as well.

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