Good Aspects Of Web Hosting Reseller Business And Its Demands

We know that everyone of us have a network interface (NIC) card in our laptop or pc cause it helps us to connect to internet. Process of Connecting your pc with internet network has many protocols or topology this topologies generally has seven layers. When you are designing a website it will be stored on your computer only you need to upload your website into world wide web for that you will need server space. renting server space is known as web hosting services.

Every computer has two addresses one is logical address and another is physical address, logical address is ip address it is of 48 bit and the physical address is mac address it is also of 48 bit. Ip address is a dynamic address which can be changed but mac address is a static address this address can not be changed. This two address is very important for computer networking and ecommerce web hosting. When you are creating your own server space so that you can give your clients to use it you need to have a client server architecture. client server architecture can be of many type but for web hosting we generally use DNS server architecture.

Demands Of Web Hosting

  • If anyone is looking for an own online business then hosting is the most important thing they need. so now days it’s a great opportunity to start a web hosting reseller business and that is also a very good idea cause demand of web hosting is increasing every day. You can start your own unlimited web hosting company very easily. You need to follow some simple steps here we will discuss about it.
  • Reseller hosting is basically for those who wants to resell their hosting to their clients. For that you need to create own packages for your customer as you like according to the bandwidth and server space
  • I must say it’s a very profitable business without investing much money for it. You just need to invest a nominal amount for monthly subscription and the profit range is quite high.
  • As an email hosting companies you will have the power to control your customer hosting account through central management area of web host manager panel. So first step you need to do is to create an own hosting plans. So click on add packages option and customize the packages by fill the pricing option according to the bandwidth, disk space, FTP account, email address provided.
  • The calculation of profit margin you get from this web hosting reseller business is retail minus whole sell and the answer which you get is your profit. More over I can say it’s a very profitable business.
  • So the basic method of starting a wordpress web hosting reseller business is to get a web hosting reseller account once you have completed all steps the next you need is to a dedicated VPS account And that’s all. Your web hosting reselling business is ready to start.

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